Have you ever heard of completely painless permanent hair removal?


Have you ever heard of completely painless permanent hair removal?Now, we introduce you the professional technique, SHR IPL that helps you get rid of the unwanted hair SHR IPL (Super Hair Removal with Impulsed Light) has the following advantages for you.
SHR IPL (Super Hair Removal with Impulsed Light ) has the following advantages for you.

  • Painless treatments
  • Sunbathing, solarium are not necessary to avoid
  • Great possibility for hair removal also in summer
  • More effective treatments
  • Better results with blond and thin hairs
  • Fast treatments also in larger areas


How does SHR IPL work? Why does it not hurt?

The SHR IPL permanent hair removal combats 50% with hair by using the power of light impulses absorbed by the melanins of hair, the other 50% is the heat that warms up the tissues that surrounds the hair follicles.

Continuous and frequent impulses make possible to reduce the high energy level that was responsible for painful treatments and too much light load of the skin.

Why SHR permanent hair removal is more
effective than other techniques?

First of all because you do not need to keep any break between your sessions during the period of summer, so you can follow the permanent hair removal protocol according to the rithm of the hair growth.

On the other hand, the roll on technique makes it possible not to leave out any area.

Why SHR permanent hair removal is more effective on blonde and thin hairs?

By using the power of heat - and not only the light-, it is easy to make absorb the light with lower energy.

Why SHR IPL technique faster than
normal IPL treatments?

Thanks to the roll-on technique the hand piece is continuously moving on the treated area. That is why skin tissue is heated up by frequent, low-energy impulses, what is more, the missed zones are possible to be reduced to the minimum during SHR IPL treatments.

Our Prices

between eyebrows: 2.000 HUF
mustache: 3.000 HUF
beard: 3.000 HUF
sideburns: 4.000 HUF
face full: 9.000 HUF
Front of the body
chest: 15.000 HUF
abdomen: 20.000 HUF
full front (belly & chest): 30.000 HUF
nipples: 8.000 HUF
line between breasts: 6.000 HUF
line on belly 6.000 HUF
Back of the body
shoulders: 16.000 HUF
back 30.000 HUF
back & shoulders: 42.000 HUF
buttocks 25.000 HUF
forearms: 16.000 HUF
upper arms: 16.000 HUF
hand & fingers: 6.000 HUF
full arms (under + upper arms, hands & fingers): 30.000 HUF
armpits: 8.500 HUF
bikiniline 8.500 HUF
full intim: 13.700 HUF
legs until knees: 30.000 HUF
thighs: 30.000 HUF
feet and toes: 6.000 HUF
full legs (toes, feet included) : 54.000 HUF
up 6.000 HUF
back 6.000 HUF
full 12.000 HUF
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